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Have you looked at your commercial building from the outside lately? We know that often, business owners are so interested in what is going on inside their building, they forget to have a look at what the outside of their building looks like. But we think you should know if your building looks impressive on the outside–as well as the inside–you will actually have more business. At South Coast Painters, we want to create an amazing impression for your clients as well as your employees. Serving Southern California, we have a time-proven and diligent work ethic to make sure that your commercial painting job looks top-shelf.

Why Do I Need to Hire a Commercial Painter?

You may think that you can just hire anyone to paint your commercial building. If you can paint a house, you should be able to paint any kind of building, right? In fact, commercial painters are very specialized and trained to work with large buildings, such as warehouses. Commercial painters have to use specialty paints that residential painters don’t.

At South Coast Painters, we know that commercial painting is not just about making your commercial projects successful, but about protecting your good name, as well as your investment in your business.

Our Commercial Painting Process

The first step in the process for us is to come out to assess you painting needs. We want to listen to you, and what you envision. We are happy to provide tips and suggest materials to get the job done right.

We then get to work. All of our painters are licensed, bonded and insured. We prep and paint your commercial facility, minimizing disruptions to your business. Our painters are efficient and courteous. Because we own our business, we understand the needs of a business owner. You want your commercial painter to deliver your project on time, and on budget.

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