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Welcome and thank you for considering South Coast Painting  for your commercial painting project. When you are looking for a high quality commercial painting contractor that can get the job completed reliably and cost effective, South Coast Painting is one of the best choices for your commercial project in the Southern California area ranging from San Diego up through the OC and Los Angeles to Santa Barbara.

We have over 30 years of experience in the commercial painting business and competent staff of experienced commercial painting experts to make your commercial building exteriors, other structures, or public works properties look like new. When you call us, we will come to your site and evaluate your project and what you have in mind and then provide you with a detailed written proposal and estimate at no charge to you anywhere in the Southern California area.

We are headquartered in Southern California in Rancho Palos Verdes on the Palos Verdes Peninsula and have been in business since 2007 run by George Mantikas who has over 30 years experience in commercial painting contracting.  We have a very strong and solid reputation for high quality workmanship and reliable on-time completion of exterior commercial painting projects. Our teams of expert painters service the public and private sector throughout California specializing in exterior commercial painting with a focus on schools and major public works projects with many satisfied clients.

High Quality Workmanship

South Coast Painting focuses on exterior painting of commercial buildings and public works structures in Southern California including school districts, city facilities, hospitals, and commercial apartments and offices providing excellent prompt service with superb results for you on a very cost-effective basis. We do commercial painting for a number of Southern California school districts in California, State - City buildings, and the public works projects with prices that can meet your budget and save you money.

We can provide paint or coating recommendations or you can specify your choice of preferred materials for your commercial painting project. We specialize in product applications such as elastomeric coatings, epoxy coatings, two part polyurethane, reflective coatings, waterproofing, and paint on exterior HOA's, condominiums, apartment complexes, hotels, commercial buildings, malls, tenant improvements, senior living facilities, resorts, parking structures, high rise painting, office buildings, industrial parks, gas stations, tanks, power plants, waste water treatment plants, airports, hangers, warehouses, municipalities, and government public works projects

Top Quality & Cost Effective

From the time we were founded in 2007, our primary focus has been to provide a convenient and reliable top quality commercial exterior painting service to our clients in a cost effective manner which provides real value to you. Rest assured that your painting project will be completed in a courteous an professional manner by our team of expert, highly trained and and skilled commercial painters from its inception up through completion.

South Coast Painting is committed to provide our clients with top quality workmanship, safely, and staying in full compliance with your budget and completing your commercial painting project to your full satisfaction.

We are knowledgeable and utilize the latest formulas in durable and lasting paints and protective coatings and can match those products with our team of dedicate and highly skilled painters to ensure you top quality commercial paint contracting for any type of building surface.

All Work Guaranteed in Writing

All of our commercial painting work is backed by a written warranty and references are provided on request along with your estimate and proposal. We are a fully licensed California Contractor certified to perform commercial painting work anywhere in California.  Our State License Board Contractor License number is #892130.

Fully Insured & Licensed Commercial Painting Contractor

We are fully insured for both General Liability and Workers Compensation and maintain General Liability Limits of $2,000,000 aggregate and are happy to provide you with both Commercial Insurance and  Worker's Compensation insurance certificate upon request.

Highly Experienced Staff of Commercial Painters

The commercial painters employed by South Coast Painting are highly experience and well-trained professionals who provide a courteous, clean, efficient and minimally disruptive  service while performing commercial painting work on your property. We provide commercial painting services for airports, storage units, commercial apartment and office buildings, condominiums, industrial parks, manufacturing facilities, commercial centers, auto dealers, warehouses, colleges, schools and more.

South Coast Painting provides commercial painting services throughout the entire Southern California area and is based in Rancho Palos Verdes in the heart of the Los Angeles area.  We do work from San Diego up through Santa Barbara including work in Los Angeles, Orange County, Riverside County, San Bernardino, and Ventura County.

Quality Preparation of All Surfaces

Surface preparation is both necessary and crucial to the success of any commercial painting project and we fully inspect all surfaces before a preparation method is determined. Our expert commercial painters are trained in an array of surface preparation methods including: hydro blasting, steam cleaning, and chemical conversions on steel surfaces. As a professional commercial painting company, we will provide you with excellent quality work on a number of surfaces unique to your building.

Large Selection of High Quality Paints & Coatings

We utilize a large selection of high quality commercial grade paints and protective coatings which you can either specific or which we can expertly select for you.

We want to always provide you with the most cost effective painting or industrial coating project possible, with the best paint or protective coating system to fit your particular building needs. The completed commercial painting projects shown on this page and in our photo galleries are located in Beverly Hills, CA | Los Angeles, CA |Orange County, CA | Anaheim, CA | Hemet, CA | Irvine, CA | Tustin, CA | City of Industry | Santa Fe Springs, CA | Long Beach, CA | Riverside | San Bernardino | Ontario | and the South Bay area.

We are experts in all exterior materials including metal and steel surfaces & structures, metal roofs, concrete, masonry, drywall, columns and supports, epoxy coatings, high build epoxy, window frames and mullions, extrusions, doors, awnings, office buildings, commercial buildings, warehouses, factories, industrial plants, offices, theaters, convention centers, outlet stores, casinos, manufacturing facilities, parking garages, service stations, refineries, structural steel , metal siding, storage tanks, and exterior paneling.

Safety Is Our Top Priority

Safety is always our top priority while we are performing work on your property site.  Our commercial painting staffs are trained and certified in the use of Ariel lifts.  All work areas are appropriately barricaded for public and on site safety designed to create minimal inconvenience for your property site and promptly removed when the work is completed and always monitored during the work to ensure the highest level of safety with the least inconvenience for you.

Our employees are tested, trained and certified for ANSI A92 Aerial platform safety. Our commercial painting staff is trained to look for any potential safety hazards prior to starting any commercial painting work.  We work to identify any and all potential issues to ensure maximum safety while performing your work and ensuring a fully safe and secure work place.  We strive to identify any and all issues with a comprehensive safety evaluation on your site before starting any work with the goal of that evaluation being to identify all hazards associated with each task in the commercial painting work area which will be performed. After identifying those potential hazards, we then  put in place a project-specific safety program, control measures to mitigate and rectify those hazards.

We have an excellent safety record as well as a superb record for staying on time and on budget.  Safety is the most important subject on all our commercial painting project sites. We work to ensure that our employees and people on your property are always safe.  All of our work is fully supervised at all times.  We put all appropriate safety programs and considerations in place to ensure that along with our skilled quality workmanship your project will be completed on time and in a safe manner. We have developed an array of methods for preventing and controlling any and all potential worksite hazards, including communication of any potential hazards, electrical safety, and equipment operations.   South Coast Painting maintains ongoing training for all levels of personnel and management fully commitment to maximum safety policies.

Commercial Painting Project Recommendations & Proposals

South Coast Painting services moderate to large-sized exterior commercial painting projects Contact us today for any of your commercial painting or coating needs. We will come out and meet with you to provide you with recommendations and a detailed no-cost proposal with our recommendations.

Commercial painting is performed in a wide array of unique environments on buildings, steel platforms, structures, and other public works projects such as observatories. By taking these steps we want our clients to be confident that our professional commercial painting crews are well-trained in their specific fields. Most of our field employees are Man-Lift and Scissor Lift Certified. South Coast Painting offers comprehensive top quality commercial exterior painting services in Southern California including Los Angeles County, Orange County, Riverside, San Bernardino, Corona, Pomona, the Inland Empire, Ventura, Oxnard, Thousand Oaks, South Bay.

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